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AV Amp Question


Does the Leviton 41920-A01 or 41920-A70 Mixing Audio Amplifiers offer an option for priority override for intercom systems?

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    Both are mixing, so you can set volume for MIC and for LINE independently.  Select MIC and set the volume for it; next select LINE and set its volume.   So if you have background on LINE, then you can have MIC set at a higher volume.  When MIC is active, they will both be there, but the MIC will be prominent.  This setup is on page 6 of the attached manual 4/8 ohm amp manual.


    The 70V also has a priority muting (ducking) function on the MIC input, so when you activate the MIC input with a signal, it cleanly lowers the LINE input to a preset level while the MIC is active, then brings it back up to the original level when there is no MIC signal.  I believe access to setting the ducking level for the LINE input is only via RS-232 control.  This is on page 12 of the 70V amp manual.  Note that the ducking function is only accessible via RS-232 and NOT the front panel.