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Bare Fusion Splice Chips (Holders)


I am using Leviton bare fusion splice chips with 250µm buffered fiber.  After inserting the spliced fibers into the chip I am having an issue with both retention and breakage.  The fibers will not stay in the chip and when they come loose they break if any force is exerted on the spliced strands.  Why is this happening?

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    There is an additional step when using Bare Fusion Splice chips during the splice process.  After splicing is complete and the spliced fibers are inserted into the holder they should be covered with a silicone adhesive.  The adhesive can be applied in a bead along the splice point and should cover all bare glass.  Typically a piece of tape is placed over the adhesive after application so that the adhesive does not stick to anything else (like a splice tray cover).