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Intact Devices USB Connection Length


Is it possible to use longer USB cables than the 2-meter cords included with Leviton Intact Devices?

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    Expanding Beyond 2 Meters

    • USB extension cables (Type A male to female) are commercially available
    • The USB 2.0 standard allows for cable lengths up to 5 meters between devices
    • Lengths over 5 meters (16 feet) require an active USB extension cable, which includes a “2-port hub” on one end


    Using a longer, passive USB extender cable is really case by case and depends on the configuration and amount of devices attached in the system.


    We recommend making extensions between the Intact Device Manager and Intact Device Hub to minimize the number of extensions being made. As the intact panels are typically grouped in proximity, placing the IDH near the groupings is usually manageable. In the test layout #4 below panels can be connected at both IDH devices with one port extending from the first IDH to the second.




    For additional assistance please contact Applications Engineering at appeng@leviton.com or by phone @ 1-800-824-3005.

    For more information on the Leviton Intact Port Management System please refer to www.leviton.com/intact