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Digital Cable, Internet, Phone - 1x16 Premium CATV Module 47693-16P




I have my digital cable, telephone, and internet provided by Time Warner.


Currently I have the coax line coming into an 8-way powered splitter where there's a line going out to the internet modem and a line going out to the VOIP modem and the rest are to DVRs or Digital Transport Adapters.  I have several coax lines throughout the house.  I don't want to daisy-chain a powered splitter to another powered splitter.


Looking at the 1x16 Premium CATV Module 47693-16P, how would I set up both of the modems with this device?


I see there's a dedicated "Out to Cable Modem" port but would I split the line here to the two modems?  Or would I split them before they hit the 47693-16P?


Or is this device not suitable for VOIP and internet modems to be hooked-up simultaneously?


Thank you,


Tom K.