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24 fiber Splice cassettes and Opt-X Core cassette A/B polarity description


When looking at the cassette with Ports 7-12 on the top, the top row of the Splice cassette is "Key Up"  while the bottom row is "Key Down". This is done so the user has access to the release tabs on the LC connectors for the patch cords on both rows. 

The fibers are not actually flipped on the bottom row but plugged in the same order for A/B polarity as the top row.

When looking at the cassette from the front on Port 7 (key up) the blue fiber will be located behind the left or first fiber.  When looking at the bottom row each two fiber port is now upside down (Key down) so the blue fiber will be in what appears to be Port 1 position two.  If you roll the cassette over to view the bottom row "key up", you will notice that the blue fiber is still in the left position of the 1st port.

color code.png

color pho.jpg