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IPSD6 with 3 way switch


I suspect I have mis-wired the switches, but they passed my double check inspection.I am finding the occupancy switch only operates when the second three way switch is in one position. When the 3 way switch is in the second position, the lights are never on, and the led indicator on the ipsD6 stays off.  Checking with a multimeter, all three terminals of the ipsD6 appear hot, independent of the 3 way switch.  The IPSD6 is on the line side of the circuit, and I have followed the instructions for 4C from the instruction page.

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    Assuming you've got the load wire of the sensor (red), pigtailed to the 3-way switch's common terminal, one of the brass terminals, and the load connection, the sensor should be working without issue. If you have it wired up as you say, and it's not behaving properly, I would suggest calling our tech line at 800.824.3005 to troubleshoot with a tech.