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T5632 (Duplex Recepticle and USB Charger) tripping AFCI circuit

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I was just rewiring a home and put two of these Levitron Combination Duplex Receptacle And USB Charger 15 Amp units in a master bedroom. As soon as any normal load is put anywhere on the circuit (at one of the normal receptacles (T5325) which is upstream of the T5632) the AFCI breaker pops. Is this a known issue? The AFCI breaker is also a brand new Schneider Electric Homeline CHOM115AFI.


Here is the testing I've done:


The AFCI breaker will not trip with one LED bulb as the only load on the circuit. But when a second LED bulb is added, it trips.


I checked the wiring carefully and could find no issues, made sure the receptacles were wrapped in electrical tape, no change.


I swapped the breakers, with another AFCI breaker that was already working properly (from another bedroom that was set up with no T5632's). The second breaker tripped in exactly the same way.


I removed the T5632's from the circuit and everything's fine, I can run a mitre saw on that AFCI circuit now (which couldn't before support 2 LED bulbs).


I made a temporary circuit that went directly from one of the AFCI breakers in the panel to one of the T5632's with nothing else on the circuit. Same behavior, it trips the breaker with any normal load. I swapped in the second T5632 and it showed exactly the same behavior (I thought maybe I had one bad receptacle).


I moved the test circuit with the single T5632 over to a regular 15 amp breaker, and it seemed to work fine.


So do these receptacles have some sort of behavior that makes the breaker think there's a significant arc happening? Is it just this breaker model that's a problem, or does it happen with other AFCI breakers as well? It would seem to me that bedrooms would be a natural place to use these receptacles since most people charge their phones near their beds overnight (and bedrooms have to use AFCI).




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    We have not encountered any particular issues with the USB chargers and AFCI devices in general, but it's possible that your specific breaker is falsely tripped by the T5632's operation.  However, we cannot confirm that to be the case, unless we've had our QA team inspect your device, and try to recreate the scenario.  You can submit a claim by calling our support line at 800.824.3005, but you may want to contact Schneider as well, to see if they have any knowledge of such behavior.