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DZMX1-1LZ Dimmer Issue: Random Blinks?




I have a few DZMX1-1LZ dimmers in my house and, for the most part, they work great.  However, I notice a random flicker or blink once in a while.  I have three of them in the same gang box, neutral wires installed and all.  One controls recessed lights (4x Philips LED bulbs), another controls a light fixture (3x Cree LED bulbs), and the last one controls a lamp in our patio (1x Cree LED bulb).  Each set of lights will have a random flicker at different times.  They all run off the same neutral wire, so I'm not sure what the issue is.  I may swap the bulbs in the light fixture to incandescent to see if it alleviates the issue.  Anyone have any ideas?