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Using 2 Occupancy Sensors as 3-way Switches?


Right now I have a stairwell light that is controlled by a 3-way switch at the top of the stairs and another at the bottom of the stairs.


I wanted to be able to install occupancy sensors at the top and bottom to act as automatic 3-way switches.


I purchased 2 IPS06 sensors, as they listed 3-way functionality thinking that I could simply replace the existing manual 3-way switches with the sensors, however going through the instructions for the IPS06, it looks as though you can only use 1 occupancy sensor and you still have to use 1 manual 3-way switch.  Is this correct or can you use 2 3-way occupancy sensors?


The light fixture is a standard 2-lamp residential fixture.  We use 2 cfl bulbs in it, but can change to LED bulbs.


Thanks for the help!.