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Why use factory terminated patch cords?


Factory terminated patch cords
are more consistent as they are produced by trained operators in a controlled



Field terminated cords have
inherently more variability due to the environment they are built in
(lighting, work space, tools used,
and the varying
level of skill in the persons
the termination



Factory produced patch cords
are tested at the factory as a stand-alone
component using proper test heads, which ensures they
meet the performance requirements. 



Field terminated patch cords
are usually only tested as
part of a channel as most contractors do not have appropriate test heads to
conduct patch cord only testing.  Channel testing can hide flaws in the
patch cord performance, which can show up during Moves, Adds and Changes.



Factory generated patch cords
create less scrap at the customer site and Leviton incurs cost for scrap.



Field terminated patch cords
create additional scrap as all rework/re-termination required to get passing
test results is generated at the job site and customer typically bears the
additional cost for the scrap.



More predictable costs with
factory built cords.  Customer knows what they will pay up front.



Field termination can create
hidden costs based on amount of rework required.  Rework adds labor and
material costs that might not have been included in the quote.



Factory generated cords reduce
installation time and costs.  Installer simply has to plug in the cords.



Field terminated cords create
the need to build, test and install cords at the job site increasing time
needed to complete the installation and get the system up and running.



Leviton patch cords are
covered by the Leviton product warranty and can be part of a system performance



Field terminated patch cords
cannot be included in a system performance guarantee and are typically not
covered by any product warranty.