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ceiling occupancy senor


engineer specified a OSCO5-MOW to be installed in a large doctors office waiting room.this is a 24/7 office,and the lights are going off while they are open for business.what is the best fix?

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         The easiest thing to do would be to increase the ultrasonic (US) and/or infrared (PIR) sensitivity, to make sure the motion is being picked up. You can also increase the time delay, extending the window of time that the lights stay on when not motion is detected.  Keep in mind that this particular sensor can cover a maximum of 500 sq.ft., if the office is larger, you may need to change it out for an OSC10 or OSC20 (1000, and 2000 sq.ft., respectively).  For further troubleshooting, please call us at 800.824.3005.