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IPS02 / Motion detector active but not working?


So I have the IPS02 installed and grounded it by using a grounding screw to the metal box (old house, box stuck behind tiles).


Well. I sorta verified the ground is working properly with a simple voltage tester but I'm not so sure. The switch's green light turns on whenever you move in front of it and you can hear an audible click noise BUT the light does not turn on and there is no power coming out on the side of the red screw. Could this be an indication of no ground or faulty switch? Would the sensor turn on anyways as long as there is a hot line connected even if ground is not working? Just to add as well, the manual button does not work in turning on the light either. Thanks.

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      If the sensor is "clicking" and the light is blinking, it would seem that the sensor is working properly.  The clicking is most likely the sound of the relay closing, which should then be passing the current further down the circuit to the lights/fan.  Unless the relay was not making sufficient contact, I can't say why the sensor wouldn't be working.  I would test the Load wire coming off the sensor with a voltmeter to see if you get ~115VAC coming when the sensor is switched ON.


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