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dimmer levels fail to save when programming scene


I just recently performed a full reset on a vizier rf+ installation.  Everything works except programming scenes.  When programming a scene on any controller (4, 2, or 1 button), the dimmer levels fail to save.  The symptoms are as follows:


1. Associate areas with buttons in Installer Tool.  For example, button 1 on a 4 button controller is set as scene #1 so dimmer levels should all be 100% by default.

2. Program network.

3. Press button 1 on a controller.  The dimmers turn on at 25%. Why?  Should be at 100%.

4. Press and hold button 1 on the 4 button controller until it starts blinking.  Walk around and turn on/off desired dimmers in the area and set levels of the on dimmers to 100% manually.

5. Press the blinking button on 4 button controller to save.

6. Turn scene on and off using the button.  The on/off states are remembered but the levels are back to 25%.


This happens on entire network.  Not on any specific controller/dimmer combination.  On/Off states are remembered.  Zone based on/off association works fine too. Levels are ignored.


The following was the preceding reset process:


1. Plug in RF installer stick.

2. Open Installer Tool and start a new file.

3. Choose Network/Reset RF Installer USB Stick.

4. Walk to each dimmer and switch in the network.  Perform a factory reset and then include device.

5. Walk to each controller in the network.  Perform a factory reset and then include controller in the network.

6. Walk to every controller in the network and update controller.

7. Create and associate areas in installer tool one controller at a time calling program entire network incrementally to spot any issues.