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Interoperability of MPO and MTP cables?


Is there any interoperability issue between different
manufacturers of MPO/MTP pre term cables. Think harness to trunk interface at a
feed thru. Specifically as it relates to the degree of angle polish on the face
of the MTP/MPO connector. Do all manufacturers polish to the same angle or can
that be an issue?

  • Re: Interoperability of MPO and MTP cables?

    The MPO/MTP connectors and adapters, if they meet the interoperability standards, will work together with a
    couple of caveats.


    1. 12 and 24 fiber MM MTP or MTP Connectors will mate, but will not function due to 1 centered row of 12 in the 12f and 2 rows of 12 above and below center in the 24f.
    2. SM MTP connectors are always APC (Angled Physical Contact) with an 8 degree angle to the horizontal plane of the
      connector.  You can mate an APC with a PC however the IL will be huge due
      to the air gap caused by the different ferrule angles (flat/0 degrees vs. angled/8 degrees) not to mention the fiber type change (from SM to MM).  You must always use a key-up to key-down adapter when mating SM MTP or MPO connectors as they are APC.


    As to what the performance (dB loss) of mating MPO to MTP connectors will depend on the manufacturing specifications, tolerances, and quality of the connectors.