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WSC04 Occ Sensor use with WS0RC-300 Low Voltage Receiver


I'm hoping someone on this discussion board can assist me. I purchased a WSC04 occupancy sensor along with a WS0RC-300 Low voltage receiver a few weeks ago to use in a 24VDC lighting system. The WS0RC is driving a relay with a 24VDC coil to switch a class 2 level (<5A, 24VDC) lighting circuit. On the surface, it should work but I have been unable to get this relatively simple system to work. I follow the instructions on both to link the two but the occupancy sensor fails to trigger the receiver (hold down the lrn button on the WS0RC until lights flash, press link button on WSC04 for a couple seconds, then wait for the WS0RC to time out).  The Occ Sensor is working since every minute I see the LED light flash. When I quickly depress the link button on the WSC04, the LED on the receiver quickly flashes.


I've been on a couple of calls with the Leviton support team but nothing seems to work. Even tried putting the sensor in a drawer for 10-15 minutes as suggested and when removed it still does not activate the lights. 


Does anyone on this discussion board have any experience with these two devices or have any suggestions on how to get these two items to play well with each other?


Any help is appreciated.