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create simple 3-way system




I am trying to create a normal 3 ways system: 2 switches, one wireless, both able to do ON/OFF. Nothing else.

I have purchased 1 wireless switch WSSOS-POW, and 1 receiver WSS10-AUZ. I have been trying to make them work without full sucess:

- I was able to pair the 2 devices, no issue.

- I can switch ON / OFF the light from the receiver WSS10-AUZ, no problem.

- Once I switch on the light from the receiver, I can switch it OFF from the switch (WSSOS-POW). But I cannot switch it back ON (the small light blinks red on the receiver (proof that it communicates OK?), but the switch does not turn on the light).


Do I have the right equipment to achieve standard 3 way system?


Thank you for your help!!!

Best regards