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IPS06 Manual Override




I bought the Leviton IPS06 as a motion activated light control for my garage.  I installed it on a 3-Way circuit.


95% of the time, I only need the lights to illuminate for less than 5 minutes.  Then it is OK if they turn OFF.


But on some occasions, I need to keep the light ON 'forever' because I am working in my garage and do not want the lights to turn OFF automatically.

The motion sensor on the switch is located in such a way it does not detect movement when I am in the garage.  It detects movement only when I come IN (which is what I want 95% of the time).


The switch works fine (motion sensor or manually), the 3-way works fine.  Everything is OK except for this Manual Override feature.

I tried to turn the light OFF using the manual override switch and then turn ON using the same override but the light will always continue to go OFF after 5 min (my setting for the AUTO-OFF on the switch).


Any ideas why the manual override switch does not work as advertised, so I can keep the light ON as with an ordinary standard switch?

Could it be that I did not wire the the thing the right way?  (I wired it using diagram 4B of the instructions)


Thank you very much!