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LC connector Jr-Sr


Using the LC connector involves nuances not present with other
single-fiber connectors. First of all, the LC connector standard allows for two
versions of the LC connector.



One version has a spring to apply force to the end-face of
the ferrule.  This is the senior LC.



The junior version of the LC connector does not have a


The standard also requires that a mating of LC connectors
must include at least one spring-loaded senior LC connector. This is required
to ensure physical contact between connector end-faces. For this reason, LC connector
adapters are offered in senior-senior versions or the more versatile
senior-junior version. The presence of a key on the junior LC prevents the
connector from being inserted into a senior adapter. However, the senior
version without a key may be inserted into a junior or senior adapter. LC patch
cords are made with senior LC connectors. This ensures that the matings at the
interface between patch panel and electronics contain a spring-loaded LC senior