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New Replacement GFCI shows "Open Ground" on grounded 14-2 setup


I just replaced a failed GFCI receptical which was on my Shed.  I had that installed about 10 years ago, and altough it is covered - it finally died when I cut the extension cord while mowing the lawn the other day. I have replqaced it with the Leviton X7589-I SmartlockPro Slim GFCI.   It was easy to install, however, when I checked the setup with a Sperry GFCI tester, it shows only the middle yellow light indicating that there is an open ground.  Now all of the wiring is 14-2 with Ground.  I attached the ground wrapped around the green screw as directed.  The outlet functions however, and the led is lit, and the test for operation works and the device doesTurn itself off when I push the TEST button.  I should be showing CORRECT (2 yellow lights on this instrument).   I am thinking at this point that the GFCI receptical itself is the problem and therefor is possibly susceptible to failure..

Does anyone have any idea as to why this is not displaying the ground as being closed?