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Occupancy sensor with permanent on/off override




I need occupancy sensor that supports manual on/off mode in a way when the "on" is selected, then only manual "off" selection will turn it off. Most models I reviewed come with ON button, but the sensor will turn off automatically if it doesn't detect any motion for the same timeout as if sensor was used to turn it on. However I want to be able it to stay on "forever" if needed when I manually turn it on.


Does such a sensor exist that can control fluorescent I bought PR180 but it says it might not work with fluorescent lights...


Thanks, Andrew

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    I'm not sure an occupancy sensor would be the right tool for your application considering they are designed to turn lights on/off automatically.  You may be better suited with a timer switch, like an LTB60, which offers controls for 10/20/30/60 minutes, as well as an option to have the lights stay on for 24 hours.  It won't stay on "forever", but 24 hours may be enough time for your application. Of course, this does not have the ability to turn lights on automatically.  If you find that a sensor is turning off prematurely, a multi-tech sensor like the OSSMT-GDW may work better, as its ultrasonic sensor is better for picking up minor movements than a typical infrared sensor only.  Again though, there is no forever-ON option.  Both will work with fluorescent lights, but please note that the timer does require a neutral wire.


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