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Channel Rated vs. Component Rating


Channel Rated: This is the less-stringent rating. When all of the
components of a Permanent Link or Channel (jack, cable, optional consolidation
point, patch panel, and – for the Channel – patch cords at both ends) are
installed together in a system the overall performance of the installed set of
products will exceed the industry-defined (TIA-568-C) performance for an
installed Channel.



Note: The Permanent Link consists of the jack, the cable, the
patch panel, and (if used) the optional consolidation point. The Channel
consists of everything that is in the Permanent Link plus the patch cords at
either end of the circuit. Channel performance requirements are more-relaxed with
respect to Permanent Link performance requirements, due to allowance in the
Channel for the installed patch cords.





Component Rated: This is the more-stringent rating. The TIA standards
have defined a set of performance criteria for each component of a
permanent link or channel (jack, cable, optional consolidation point, patch
panel, or patch cord). These criteria provide for excess performance over what
is needed for a mere channel rating. A part is said to be Component Rated if it
can pass these criteria, and the implication is that it is a better-performing
part, that when installed in a system will help to provide Permanent Links or
Channels that show much greater headroom over Link or Channel specifications
than one would expect to see from channel rated parts.