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PS200-1FW - can switch LED bulbs ?  Upper line Limit?


I live in Mexico and its been practically a near death experience trying to get my motion sensors working:


Problem 1:  Nominal line voltage in Mexico is 127 VAC and I'm at high line. .   There is a transformer feeding my whole neighborhood right

in front of my house.  CFE has the taps set at high end, my line is reading 136 VAC constantly.    I just purchased

a PS200 and am wondering if this will be an issue.


Problem 2:    I'm trying to switch a string of 12  9W Cree/Home Depot LED bulbs from two

motion sensors at each end of a 70 M stretch on my long and narrow property.    Some sensors I've tried say "incandescant" load and have triac switches.  These

sensors don't tolerate tying their switched outputs  together to the LED bulb load.  They will false on.  Will my PS200

have this problem or does it contain an switching relay?


Problem 3:  My imported Chinese sensors, when they work, false at night constantly in wind and rainstorms.  Will my Leviton sensor have this problem.  I can't see

where Leviton makes an exterior dual mode sensor. 


I am hoping my Leviton PS200 will work better than the other units and avoid all these problems.  Does anybody have any advice before I install?   If

the high line voltage is a problem, I can insert a small step-down autotransformer into the PS200 line input.