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What do I need


I need to replace a bad plug on a compact dryer.   It connects to a standard 110v outlet.  


The plate on the dryer states the connection is "120v 12A 60hz 3-wire connection"

This is written on the cable itself:  ( UL ) VW-1 E47523 SJT 14/3 105°C FT1,FT2 LL26332


All the plugs I have looked at are rated a bit higher "125v 15A"  Can it still be used safely with the cord on my dryer?  I was thinking of using something like this:  http://www.leviton.com/OA_HTML/ProductDetail.jsp?partnumber=5256-VY&section=41808&minisite=10251



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    Voltage ratings will typically vary in range but as long as it is within 110-125V, you should be in the clear.  I'm not familiar with a 12A connector, as 15A are generally more widespread, but since you claimed it is a "standard" outlet, I assume you mean a traditional 15A outlet, in which case the 15A plug that you provided a link to would work just fine.