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Why does it pop on first activation?


I have purchased 2 Leviton dimmers recently. Both went into LED lighting, one with 7 75W equivalent and the other with 2 60W equivalent lights. Both times when I first turned on the lights there was a pop. It was a momentary and distinct pop, no sparking or harsh sound. It did sound like the pop of crossing a hot and a neutral wire when the breaker trips before any secondary sound is made. The intensity/loudness was about like dropping a jar cover on a tile floor. The lights worked and there was no odor. There were no more pops with subsequent activation of the switch. One (the 7 light circuit) flickered when dimmed even slightly. I replaced that dimmer switch. The other functions OK.


What was the pop? Do I have anything to worry about?





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    Assuming the dimmer was installed properly, and not overloaded, I don't see why you would hear such a loud "pop" when turned on.  Our controls are designed to operate as quiet as possible.  Unfortunately, without more information regarding the actual dimmer models, I cannot provide more detailed information, but if you found that replacing the dimmer solved the issue, then I would suggest, submitting a claim on the dimmer in question, so our QA team can investigate further, and provide a replacement, if needed.  Tech Support can be reached at 800.824.3005.