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Dimmer doesn't shut off the lights completely

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I've install a MDM06-1LW dimmer with a Zurik 24V  Magnitude’s Magnetic LED Driver to operate a run of Flexfire LEDs 71 watts and 3 amps.

The switch works fine to turn up or down the lights. However when I try to shut them off they don't completely shutoff. The green light at the bottom indicates the circuit is off, the side lights show the last light set position but the light stay on at the lowest setting. Is there something wrong with the switch or?? Please help

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    It would appear that the leakage current that is permitted by the MDM06, is causing the LEDs to glow somewhat dimly, when the switch is OFF.  The MDM06 is for Magnetic Low-Voltage transformers, but it was never designed to work with LED loads.  I would recommend a control that doesn't have an indicator light, or a device like the DSM10-1LZ whose light is optional, and was tested to work with LEDs.  Please call us at 800.824.3005, if you need any assistance in specifying a dimmer for your application.