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Tips to Make your Car Wrap Campaign more Successful


Car wrap advertising is one of the most successful ways to market today simply because it is the easiest way to get thousands of views in a short amount of time.  Thanks to third-party advertising agencies such as WrapMatch, it has never been easier for companies to create car wrap advertising campaigns.  WrapMatch helps companies find willing and trustworthy advertisers who use their personal vehicles in order to advertise for companies at a low cost, ultimately preventing companies from having to spend a fortune on a fleet of company vehicles and worry about who is driving them.  Finding willing advertisers is not difficult because of the current job market, and literally thousands of people will see the advertisement as long as the advertiser spends a little time in their vehicle each day.  To ensure that the ad is being seen by potential consumers, WrapMatch makes advertisers meet certain requirements so companies do not have to fear that they are wasting their money.  Because of the simplicity and success of car wrap advertising, companies should use it as one of their advertising tactics.  


The importance of design

The success of a car wrap campaign has a lot to do with the design of the ad.  PRNewswire suggests that car wrap ads contain no more than six words and that big fonts be used to ensure that most people will read and understand the ad as quick as they see it passing by them.  If fonts are large and bold, they will leave a more lasting impression on people because they were easy to see and understand.  Big fonts also ensure that the ad can be seen from farther distances ultimately getting more views.  Ads should look good up close or far away. 


Simple vs. extravagant

Many companies make the mistake of thinking that if an ad is more extravagant it will be more noticeable.  The truth is that people tend to overlook or ignore obnoxiously designed ads because they are too difficult to connect with and understand in the short time that people see them.  The design of the ad should include contrasting colors to the brand’s color scheme, but the color should be organize and simple as not to blind its viewers.  Graphics should be simple and of good quality as to reflect the standards of the company.  It is easy to throw together a quick ad and believe that quality doesn’t matter because it won’t be closely inspected, but when the ads are sitting in traffic or parked in a lot people will notice the quality and it can deter them from the business. 


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