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IPS02 Keeps Turning on Immediately After Turning off


Hi, I recently purchased an LED light fixture (14inch dimmable LED ceiling light made by Lights Of America, model 4100DE-MG3) to replace my existing bare bulb incandescent light fixture in my garage.  After installing the new light fixture, my existing motion sensing wall switch (Cooper 6105) failed completely (manual and auto mode).  I have no idea why so I purchased the IPS02 as it indicated it worked with LED loads.  I installed it carefully following the instructions (I made sure to identify the line vs load wire and securely ground the unit.)  If I set the Light Level Adjustment (LLA) counter clockwise all the way (turning the unit into a vacancy sensor instead of an occupancy sensor), it works.  It will turn on manually and turn off after 30 seconds.  Unfortunately, the unit won't operate as an occupancy sensor correctly.  If I set the LLA clockwise to operate in my garage during the day, the unit will turn on when motion is detected and off after 30 seconds, BUT, it will also immediately turn back on again and run for another 30 seconds when no motion was present.  This cycle will repeat endlessly.  I sat in front of the unit, motionless and watched what happened.  Every time the unit shut off, the green light flashed and the unit turned back on again (and no, I didn't flinch one inch).  This cycle repeated over and over again.  The green light (indicating motion) always came on just as the 30 seconds were up and the light turned off.  I even placed tape over the sensor after it came on to ensure no movement could be detected.  I waived my hand in front of the unit.  No motion was detected (the green light never lit).  When the 30 seconds was up, the light turned off, the green light flashed and the light turned on again even with tape over the sensor.  It appears the turning off of the light automatically triggers the sensor to see movement when no movement is present.  Any solution?  Thanks in advance.

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    From what I can tell, there appears to be an excessive amount of line noise on your electrical system, that could be interfering with the sensor, causing the sensor to cycle.  Although the sensor has EMI/RF filtering already, I would recommend the use of an in-line noise filter that could be used to prevent it from affecting the sensor.