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Dimming Occupancy Sensor problem


Hi Guys,


I've bought two Leviton IPSD6-1LZ 600-Watt Incandescent, 150-Watt LED/CFL Dimming Occupancy Sensor (Auto ON/Auto OFF), Single Pole or 3-Way.

Trying to use them to control our kitchen cabinets light. It is Waterproof Rope Lights 300 LED 5050. All works good: Dimming, Auto On/Off, with ONE PROBLEM. After lights goes OFF properly in 30 sec.and kitchen empty, no motion occurs but in couple minutes it turns ON by itself. than properly shut off, in a while turns ON again. So, basically its turning ON randomly when room is not occupied. I tried adjustment on light level and dimming - no luck. Replace second switch I've bought - same problem.


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    The IPSD6 is only designed to control screw-in LED bulbs, and incandescent lighting, so you may want to make sure that your rope light is a) dimmable and b) compatible with TRIAC dimmers/sensors.  It's also possible that there is an excess of line noise within your wiring, which may need to be eliminate by using a Line Noise Filter and installing in-line with the sensor.  I would try putting a couple of strips of electrical tape along the lens of the sensor and note whether or not the lights still come on randomly.  If so, please call us at 800.824.3005 to further discuss your setup.