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Concerned....not satisfied.


I recently installed 2 single pole motion detectors.   One worked well and as expected after adjustment both in time on and light sensitivity.  It has now quit...I have no continuity indication; the blinking led.  I check power and ground and the lamp and it would not indicate continuity or work.


The second one which I installed in an exterior stair case gives me power and continuity indication and regardless of the adjustment for light presence or light duration it will not work beyond 3 - 4 seconds after manually turning it on.


I got the switches from Home Depot Hilo, HI who do not have the 3way switch and regardless it seems I have made a poor purchase and need to make it right for my customer.


Feedback is greatly appreciated.  The logic for the installations is a break-in by a theft.


In advance ...Thanks.

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    Do you know the specific model numbers of the sensors in question?  Keep in mind that most of our sensors are not designed for outdoor use, so I would like to know which model is installed at the exterior stairwell. Also, are these switches wired together to control a shared load?