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LTB30 Timer Installation for Bathroom Fan


Hi guys,


I purchased a Leviton LTB30 and tried to installed it for my bathroom fan. However I'm confused by my bathroom fan wiring.

I'm not sure if this is a 3 way or single pole configuration.

This is the existing wiring. 3 sets of wires coming into the case. And this is the color code and location if we're looking into the housing.

Top left: White, Black, and copper                      Top right: White Black, copper, and RED

Bottom left: White Black, and copper

Existing old radial timer has 2 wires, top black, bottom red.

All white and copper are connected together.

Top left black and top right black are connected together with existing radial timer black (timer top wire)

Bottom black is connected to the existing radial timer red (timer bottom)


This is what it looks like once I disassemble all wires.

image (1).jpeg.jpg

This is the wiring from LTB30

image (2).jpeg.jpg

Here's what I've tried but not working.

LTB30      ->         Wall Housing Wires

Green      ->         Copper

White      ->         White

----------------------------------------------------------------- above maintain the same

1st attempt:

Top Black  ->       Top Left Black and Top Right Black

Bottom Red         ->        Bottom Black

Result: nothing happened


2nd attempt:

Top Black  ->  Bottom Black

Bottom Red -> Top Left Black and Top Right Black

Result: nothing happened


I'm not sure what's the red wire in the housing is for.

I tried tap it with yellow and red wire from the LTB30, nothing happened it.


Please help.