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April 2014 Q&A from New Product Launch Webinar


USB Charger

Q: What is vampire power?

A: It is the power the device uses when not charging any devices Q: When the USB is not being used, what is the energy output? A:  60mW


Q: There seems to be confusion regarding the TI chip. Does it adjust according to the battery or actually move charging power from one port to another?

A: The chip receives and interprets what devices are at the other end of the charger.  This is a handshake.  The Chip then allows the correct power for charging.


Q: Why no Color Change Kits?

A:  The face can’t be removed because the base device is a 20 amp receptacle.  We can factory install the 15 amp face but can’t allow this to happen in the field as per agency standards.


Q: Any surge protection in this new device?

A: The board has standard PC board surge protection but it is not what we in the industry consider a surge device.




Q: For small installations, can you connect a few devices in a short range without a hub? If not, what is the hub? Is the gateway required for single device installations?

A: Yes, but it requires use of the Leviton MicroControl to act as the coordinator of said devices.  Up to 64 thermostats could be connected to this MicroControl.  If integrating into a Leviton automation system, simply attach the ZigBee Interface Module.  For stand-alone single thermostat installations, a gateway/hub is not required for normal operation.


Q: Is there a Lock out function for controls?

A:  Absolutely, simply adjust the appropriate jumper to disable local control of the scroll wheel and buttons.  This feature is perfect for restaurants and other small businesses as opposed to having to use an unsightly plastic housing with locking mechanism.