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Wiring help for Leviton 5634 double switch

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I installed the 5634 double switch but now the top switch controls both sets of lights that were previously controlled independently. The bottom switch does nothing. There are 3 wires that come out of the box with an extra white set that are twisted together in the back of the box (see picture). Of the 3 wires, 1 is white (connected to upper left nut, 2 are black (connected to the right side upper and lower nut).


How can I re-wire this so each switch controls both lights independently? Thanks for your help.

double rocker.jpg

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         If you have one switch controlling both loads, then it would appear that you may have a hot wire mixed up with a switch leg somewhere.  If these are the only 3 wires that you have coming into the box, they are probably the hot wire (carries the current to the switch), and two switch leg (feeds the current to the connected loads).  I highly recommend getting an electronic tester before attempting to wire this device, so you can properly identify the hot wire, which makes the rest of the wiring simpler.  The hot wire should be attached to one of the brass screws on the device.  There should be a little metal tab in between the two brass screws, which should remain intact.  The black screws opposite of the brass screws correspond to the adjacent switches.  Each switch leg that comes down from the lighting fixture should be attached to one of those screws.


         Without knowing which wire is which, I can't provide much more detail. The color of the wires doesn't dictate their use, so I think you should get a voltmeter if you don't already have one.