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Q&A from March 2014 New Product Launch Webinar


While-In-Use Cover
Q: Is it possible to have a metal base with clear cover?
A: No, C&I has metal versions now


Q: Are the screws S/S?
A: Yes


Q: Is there an insert for a 20 amp, 3 wire locking receptacle?
A: No, The 20 amp locking will not fit the new covers.


Q: Does the gasket come attached to the back-plate?
A: Yes


Q: Will it cover a 3/O box? A 3/0 box is round, 3" in diameter. These covers won't fit.
A: No.


Q: Can we use the AFCI on split circuits with shared neutral?
A: You can share a neutral on the LINE side.  Once you hook up to two different receptacles you need to run a separate neutral on the LDOA side for each leg.


Q: Many states are still on 2008 or 2011 NEC and contractors don't carry MC Cable or thin wall conduit for new construction. At least 2014 will allow Romex. Is there a chance NEC will change 08 & 11 code, in the near future?
A: “2014” is the change to “2011”.  The NEC is revised every three years and it is up to individual states and localities to adopt.


Q: Have we gotten UL on both parallel and series protection LINE side, back to breaker?
A: The UL standard defines the testing requirements.  The OBC AFCI we offer provides upstream series arc fault protection as required by UL.  There is no way an outlet based device can provide upstream parallel arc fault protection but a standard breaker has been shown to provide this based on available fault current, instantaneous trip level of the breaker, and proximity to the fault (among other factors)


Q: Will copper pigtail with a dual-rated "purple" wire nut suffice for aluminum wire application?
A: Check with your local inspector (AHJ)


Q: Does the dimmer have the same beaming function as our VRC0P Ver. 3 (so we could have one dimmer near each entry door to make the network stronger)?
A: That is correct, the VRMX1 features beaming functionality, and the situation you describe is a perfect scenario.


Q: Do we offer a non-RF version of this unit?
A: There currently are Universal Dimmers available from other BU’s.


Q: For concrete residential applications what is the maximum area you recommend.
A: This is dependent upon several factors.  We recommend using a higher density of products in these applications to ensure a strong network.


Q: Any plans for a 0-10VDC dimmer in this line? A lot of LED lighting drivers are now coming this way. Using a PE300 power extender makes for a pricey application.
A: Since Z-Wave, the underlying protocol, is primarily used in North American Residential installations, 0-10V rarely applies.  We most often see this requirement in commercial applications.



SMC Vented Hinged Door
Q: Are we going to make the MDU enclosure in metal?
A: The smaller 9” height enclosure will not be made in metal.  This is designed for more voice and cable TV distribution.  If a modem (which requires power) and data applications are needed, we suggest going to the 14” or larger metal enclosures.    


Supplementary OC Protection Panel Code Requirements

Q: Is this device CSA or cUL?
A: It is cUL.



Q: How do we do load shedding?
A: We use a low voltage input that can be configured to turn off selected loads.


Q: If I forget to turn off the manual switch, can I program a sweep on the panel?
A: This is a basic function of the scheduler of the ez-Max Plus. Multiple sweeps can be programmed.


Q: Can all units be purchased by a distributor? For example does a R24BD-L16 need to go through the Lighting Agent?
A: Yes these can be purchased by a distributor.


Q: Can we use our ODC sensors, with this unit, since it has occupancy sensing and daylight harvesting control?
A: No. ODC sensors are line voltage sensors. The ez-Max Plus utilizes 24VDC Low Voltage sensors and cannot utilize sensors that run at 120/277VAC.


Q: In a Power Failure, how long is the memory in clock, or is it burned into our chips?
A: It uses non-volatile memory to maintain the clock settings.


Q: Does Optional Modem Board allow customer to control via phone?
A: This is going to be released in Q3 of this year to provide this functionality.


Q: Is the RELAY-L30 rated for 347V?
A: Yes it is.


Q: What’s the SCCR at 347V?
A: SCCR ratings are only released for 277V.


Q: Will we ever offer a pedestal, for non-ChargePoint units, like Eaton & others offer?
A: Yes, please refer to catalog numbers EVPOL-A0G and EVPHD-A0G.


Q: Why the new part numbers on the pedestal?
A:  We have transitioned to a single consolidated approach for all channels.


Q: Can the contractor feed a dual charger setup on the pedestal with 1 - 50A circuit, like the EVR4000 to share the circuit?
A: No, contractor must run separate dedicated circuits to allow for each current rating.


Q: Will EVB40 work on the pedestals?
A: Yes, but the EVB32 is recommended due to its rugged form.