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Upgrading switches and outlets in 36 year old house


I am in the throes of retrofitting the Laundry Room and having purchased all the necessary Levitron switches ( 2 x 2 - 3-way) and 3 outlets not counting the Dryer connection, I have run into problems when confronted with the wiring the wall switches boxes contain.

1) there is obviously no grounding provision in either box.

2) there are no white wires at all in one box, which also has a black wire connecting both switches.

3)Naturally I am not expert enough to determine which wires, and there are many, will remain unconnected when both switch connections are complete.


What steps should I take to overcome this obstacle ?  BTW, I'm already aware of the hiring of an Electrician.

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         Most lightswitches do not require a ground wire to operate, however, it is best to check with your local code for any exceptions.  I highly recommend contacting an electrician if you aren't used to wiring electrical devices.  You should also have an electrical tester, like a voltmeter, to help identify the wires in the boxes.  The color of the wire does not always dictate their purpose, so it's best to have a tester so you can determine which is your hot, neutral, traveler, etc...If you are unable to tell me what that wires are in your home, I cannotprovide any more assistance than the devices' wiring diagrams can.