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6696 switch won't completely turn off


a few months ago I installed a 6696 switch in my garage.  The main switch will not completely turn off the two lights on the line.  The remote switch will completely turn off the lights?  Do I have a defective switch?

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        The 6696 does allow for leakage current to run through the circuit, even when the switch is in the off position.  This might be what is causing your problem, but keep in mind these switches should only be used with incandescent bulbs, which would not be affected by the small amount of current passing through the circuit.  The switch needs some power running through it at all time to power the wireless receiver, so that it can respond to any transmissions sent from the remote switch. If you're using incandescent bulbs and having this problem, verify your wiring, and call our support line at 800.824.3005.