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Don't see how to configure the timer to meet my needs.


I have a vpr24-1PZ and set two events.  The first has the lights turning on at sunset and turning off at 11:00PM.  That is simple.


The second turned on the lights at 6:25 AM and turned  them off at sunrise.  (Turns on exterior lights when family members leave to go to school and work)

This worked fine for quite some time.  However, sunrise gets earlier and earlier this time of year and yesterday sunrise was before 6:25 AM.  So the lights went on at 6:25AM and stayed on until sunrise the next day at 6:24AM.


I can delete the second program at times of the year where I get the unwanted behavior.  And add it back when I do need the lights.  That would require deleting it now.  Then putting it back after daylight savings moves the clock and hour.  Then take it out when sunrise is again before 6:25 AM.  And do the opposite in the fall.

Kind of defeats the purpose of having an automatic timer.


I don's see any easy way around this problem.

I could turn the lights on at, say 5:00 AM and off at sunrise.  Sunrise for me will never be before 5:00 AM.  But that keeps the lights on nearly an extra hour and a half a day.


Adding an event to turn the light on at, say, 7:00 AM and off at 7:01AM did not help.  The on at 6:25 and off at sunrise still kept the light on after 7:01 AM


Did I miss something, or am I basically out of luck?