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D3206 programming question


Hi, please help. i have 4 Leviton D3206 and a couple of NE505 controllers installed and working. is there a way to program a NE505 instead of scene controller to be a Zone controller and pick zones from each D3206 and not scenes. right now I press the buttons on a NE505 and the D3206 changes scenes 1-4, but nothing happens, i try to change the scene levels and they dont get saved. are there any videos? i already went through all programming manuals and nothing helps!!! please help

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    Hello Gerardo.
    The NE505 can only be used to remotely activate the pre-recorded Scenes on a D3200 Master Control.
    The fastest way to program a Scene button is to do the following:
    1) Choose the Scene button you would like to program ... press and hold it down (about 8 seconds) until the LCD display changes to read "Adjust Devices".  The Scene button will also start flashing.  Release your hold on the button.
    2) Moving on to the individual Zone raise/lower buttons, set the lighting levels the way you want them.
    3) When you are ready to save those levels, press the flashing Scene button.  The LCD display will change to read "Scene Wizard Finished".  That Scene is now recorded.

    4) Press the [ Wizards/Menu ] button to clear the display, or it will just eventually time-out on its own.

    If you would like additional assistance with this product, please contact Leviton Technical Support at 800-959-6004, Mon-Fri, 6am-4pm PT ... or by email at LESTechSupport@leviton.com.

    Best regards,
    Jim Nystrom