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I have a condominium with aluminum wiring.


I need to repair and change some things. On an outlet, two of the outlets had the plastic surrounding where you plug in a light fixture- the plastic broke so I need new outlets. What kind do I need to have them wired to the aluminum wire?

I have a chandalier in the dining room. How do I know whether the chandalier is rated for being used with aluminum wire? On the wall switch, what type switch do I need to use with alumium wire. If the chandalier has copper wire- what should be done? Get a new light fixture with aluminum (do they still make any?) or do a pigtail of some sort?

I may hire an electrician but even if I do, I want to know what should be done so I know the job is done correctly. Thanks for any help.

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    Any device that is rated for aluminum wiring should state as much on the actual device.  Be sure to look for "CO/ALR", "Al", or something stating it can be used with aluminum conductors. The only outlet we make that is rated for aluminum wiring is the 12650 (15A/120V).  It is available in white and ivory. If you're trying to use aluminum and copper conductors together, you should first make sure that it complies with your local electrical code. There are wire conversion kits available for situations such as these, but we cannot comment on 3rd-party products.