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sub-meters and billing


I am wanting to see if there is anyone that can help me figure out some things concerning sub-metering at my 12 unit apartment complex.

When I first moved in here, we had the IMS kilowatt hour meters, and like clock work we would receive a statement showing all the numbers of usage and payment amount.  This management company took over in 11/13 and ever since then we no longer get a statement.  He also changed out 6 of the IMS and converted them to Leviton kilowatt hour meters.  When this company took over the bills have doubled.  The landlord says that he comes and takes pictures of  them meters to come up with our figures.  Now the Leviton meters are showing more usage.  I believe them to be accurate but why would he still have 6 that are the old meters the IMS meters.  It just doesn't make any sense.  I and other tenants have asked him for numbers and he won't provide those for us.  There is also a bi meter that is no hooked up to the sub-meters, I suspect that is the one he comes and takes a picture of.  The IMS older meters are getting bills like last month for $34.00 and I have Leviton my bill was $118.00 for the same size one bedroom apartment both are downstairs.