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Three way dimming with a Occupany Switch


I have two overhead cans in a kitchen with (2) Cree 65 watt equivalent (9.5w) LED floods.


At present, they are controlled by (1) old dimmer switch (20 years old) but is working without any flashing.


I want to upgrade the switching as follows:


In Leviton's dimmers buying guide it has a section on Three-Way dimming. It mentions have (1) dimmer switch that would turn on/off and control lighting level (this is similar to what we have now, but would be upgraded to handle LEDs. It says the second switch location "is a three-way switch that allows turning the lights on/off but only at the brightness set by the dimmer".


That arrangement will work be exactly what we want... but with one twist.


Can that second switch (on/off only) be an occupancy switch?


The kitchen is rectangular and and is the intersection for all traffic to the backdoor, garage, basement, living room and den. i.e. after dark, there is a whole lot of switching on/off to pass through the kitchen - it would be great to have this be hands free. Needless to say there are heat sources in the kitchen - stove would be approximately 6-8 feet from the Occupancy switch.


Would this work, and what part numbers would I use to make it work.  I like the dimmer with a slide and rocker or push button for on/off.  Not sure what options would work for the occupancy switch.


Thanks for any suggestions.