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AWSMG-IDW dimmer switch traveler not getting enough voltage?


Currently I'm trying to install the AWSMG-IDW switch.  The switch is built for 3 way incandescent lighting.  I have a very good understanding on how 3 way lighting works and have done it hundreds of times but never with a dimmer involved.  My current issue is when the switch is in the off position, the traveler leg (yellow on this switch) is supposed to become energized and sends power to another switch.  The problem is that when the switch is off, the traveler is only getting ~90 volts.  I'm pretty sure it's not supposed to do that.  I have 4 of these switches and have checked with all 4 switches and they all only pull 90 volts on the traveler.  Are my swithces bad or am I doing something wrong? 

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         The Renoir II line of lighting controls will not operate like a standard 3-way light switch, or even a traditional 3-way electro-mechanical dimmer. For true 3-way dimming (brightness control from multiple locations), you need a digital control. To set up a multi-location control in a system like this, there is only one load-bearing device. In your case, the AWSMG-IDW. For the control in the other location, you cannot use another dimmer, you would need a dimming remote switch, also known as a slave switch. The proper remote switch for your needs would be the AWSRG-00W.

         The yellow traveler wire in these controls don't pass line voltage to the other devices in the circuit, they merely act as a communications line for ON/OFF, BRIGHTEN/DIM messages. Please refer to the instruction sheet that came with your dimmer for more detailed instructions and wiring diagrams.