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SureSlide 6674 doesn't dim anymore




I have one that 6674, and it was working just fine. I had to rewire the lights, all work done downstream of the switch. Once I was done with the work, and turned the power on, the switch portion of the dimmer operates just fine, but there is no dimming at all, the lights are always the brightest. These are LED lights, and that little black switch is at LED. I tried doing the "programming mode" as described in the manual, but it wouldn't ever dim at all no matter what I'm trying. Is the switch dead and I need to replace it, or some kind of mis-wiring could have caused, or be causing this?


Thank you.

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    Are you using the 6674 in a single pole application or is this in a 3-way?  If you have changed the bulbs, please make sure that the LED bulbs are also dimmable

    Ensure proper wiring as shown below.  If the dimmer is wired properly, then I would recommend calling into our tech line at 1-800-824-3005 to submit a request for warranty evaluation.


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      It's a single pole application, and the lights are the same. The only thing that changed is the wiring from the switch down to the lights. Considering that this problem correlated with the wiring change, I was just wondering if something like an open ground, or ground-neutral fault can be causing this.