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Can you install an e2XHD panel in a Leviton Floor Zone Enclosure?


Looking to install an underfloor consolidation point using Cat 6 or Cat 6a. Can you install the e2xhd panels in the zone enclosure Z1000-PF2?

  • Re: Can you install an e2XHD panel in a Leviton Floor Zone Enclosure?

    You can install a 1RU e2xhd panel in the Z1000-PF2 floor zone enclosure.  Leviton Network Solutions Tech Support can provide a photo of one such installation if desired - contact appeng@leviton.com.   There are several important things to consider when doing this application:




    • Please note the
      cable routing paths to accomplish this density with Cat 6A: ingress is at both
      sides. Cables sweep under panel and curve back so that cassettes are presented
      in correct orientation to the rear of the angled panel.
    • An angled E2XHD
      Panel is being used so that there is room behind the panel for cable bend
      radius and ease of cassette insertion/removal with the panel bolted in place.
    • Please note that due
      to the angled mounting brackets and the angled panel, the panel must be mounted near the center of the RU bracket (and only 1 can be mounted). This is really the only . It keeps the nose of the panel below the lid of the box (i.e. the
      floor tile) and raises the panel above the floor of the box high enough to
      allow the incoming cable to pass under, and to the rear of, the patch panel. On
      the other hand, this also positions the front of the panel nicely for viewing
      and access when future connections need to be made or removed at the site.
    • Please note the
      crossover nature of the installation of the cassettes behind the panel (i.e.
      you need to lay them in a “weave” pattern to administer the cable evenly behind
      the panel).
    • Please note that
      E2XHD Copper Trunk Assemblies would be used for this application, and that the
      breakout lengths (the portion of the cables beyond the plenum mesh weave) at
      the CP end should be about 48”, so that the individual cables may lay flat at
      the ingress point to the Zone enclosure. This way the installer may layer
      incoming cables with layers of firestop foam at the box ingress. This will
      preserve the plenum integrity of their raised floor infrastructure.
    • Please note that
      incoming E2XHD Trunk Assemblies here represent the Telecommunications Room to
      Consolidation Point (TR-CP) portion of the Horizontal Cabling architecture.
    • Please note that the
      cables leaving the Floor Zone Enclosure are intended to represent Cat 6A
      Plug-to-Jack Cable Assemblies (which could be Trunk Assemblies or individual
      Cable Assemblies, depending on the needs/requirements for the installation). If
      Trunk Assemblies are used for this leg of the cabling, please note the comments
      about breakout length above. Breakout length must be sufficient to allow
      individual cables to lay flat at the Zone egress point, so that they may be
      inter-layed with the firestop foam.
    • Please note that the
      outgoing Cable Assemblies represent the Consolidation Point to Work Area
      (CP-WA) portion of the Horizontal Cabling Architecture.