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Can't fine tune light level on IPS06


I was trying to adjust light level, so that it wouldn't turn lights ON when the room is already light enough.

I was adjusting dial in range  0..1, closer to 1 than to 0.

The problem was that once I set light level to NOT turn light ON during the day, later, when the Sun goes down, it would still NOT turn lights ON.

Then, while it's dark outside, I would adjust light level to turn lights ON, and next day, it would still switch lights ON even in too bright conditions.

When I was adjusting, I was turning dial just enough to make a difference, fine tuning only.


The only exception when I saw it working when outside was *very* sunny. Only in that case the switch was working as expected - it was NOT turning light ON. Then I would block outside light, and it was switching lights ON.

I do NOT want the switch to turn lights on when it's cloudy outside, and switch lights on ONLY when it gets dark outside.


To conclude, it seems that it's impossible to fine tune light level sensitivity on IPS06 switch precisely enough.


Should I try another IPS06 switch, or is this by design?

What's the range in Lux that you can set sensitivity?

I couldn't find this info in manuals.

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    When making the adjustment, be sure to have the ambient light control dial in the fully CCW position.  Also be sure that the lights have timed out automatically, prior to making any adjustment, and that the area is just at the point where artificial light is desired.  Begin to turn the dial clockwise, slowly, until the sensor kicks in, and turns the lights on. At this point, the dial should not be adjusted further.  If you find that the sensor is still behaving incorrectly, please feel free to call our support line at 800-824-3005 to speak with a Leviton representative.  We are open weekdays from 8am-7pm, EST.