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Wiring Voice and Data Questions


I'm in the process of trying to figure out how to install a structured cable system.  Mainly it is to make it neater (currently just a bundle of wires hanging from the ceiling), but also to be able to switch particular jacks between network and voice.  I have a bill of materials from Leviton as follows:


47605-28N     28" SMC Enclosure

47605-28P     28" SMC Enclosure Hinged Door

47605-DP     4 Outlet Power Supply for SMC

47603-18P     Pre-configured Voice & Data Panel (18 port Cat 5e patch panel and TLDM)

47616-DSB     DSL Filter Board (might not need this; more on that later)

47611-5GB     Ethernet Switch

5HHOM-1W     6 - Cat 5e High Flex Patch Cord, 1'


So here is what I know: all Cat 5e runs out to jacks will get punched down to the Cat 5e patch panels (I used 5G108-RT5 for all jacks; I understand these can support both RJ-45 for network and RJ-11 for phone... is this correct?).  And that is pretty much where it ends.  Everything else I know is from this picture from this forum:

Whole House DSL Filtering.jpg


So what I have in my demarcation box is the blue pair from the BSW and it looks like it is being "split" between phone and DSL at the demarcation box (see pic):

DeMarc Pic.jpg

On the inside, the blue pair is connected to the runs going out to the phones.  The green pair goes to one jack that I have my DSL modem plugged into (I guess this is why I was told by the Telco I didn't need any filters on the phones... I'm not sure I completely understand how this setup gets rid of filters, but it seems to work).  So my question is, with this setup from the demarcation box, where do I hook the blue and green pairs?  If I hook them up as the instructions for the TLDM show (all 4 pairs to their respective IDC), does that mean the run from the modem would need to be patched to a port on the TLDM that uses line 3 as primary (I am assuming I know that green is line 3)?  If this is how it is done, I should be able to skip the DSL filter in the SMC, correct?  It seems that a run patched to a port where line 1 is primary would be only phone and the phones could remain filter-free, and any run patched to a port where line 3 is primary would be unfiltered and should only be used for a DSL modem.  Is there an easier way to do this?  I may be over-thinking... something I NEVER do.


Next question: I have 2 runs going to the room with my modem.  I intend to use one for phone to plug the modem into.  I then intended to use the other run to bring the DSL back to the SMC and plug into the switch.  Will this work?  Do I use a normal patch cord to make the connection?  Just wondering if the signal will go both ways.


I'm sure I will have more questions.  Thank you for any and all guidance you can offer.


As an aside, I tend to have difficulty seeing all discussions in a particular area of this forum.  Any tips on how to see all discussions?  I plan to search for my exact subject title, and hope to find any response, but I figure there must be a better way.


Thank you.