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Help with VPT23-1P wiring


I am trying to install a VPT24-1P to replace a single pole switch for a light.  The box only has 2 wires (one white and one black) plus the ground feeding it.  I am not sure how to connect the VPT24 to this - the instructions assume that I have a neutral but I cannot figure it out.  How to I connect the red, black and white wire from the timer with my set up?



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    If you only have 2 wires and you replaced a previous light switch without a neutral then you will not be able to install the VPT24 without running a neutral to the timer.  The timer requires a line (hot), load (to lights) and a neutral.  Without these 3 wires the timer will not function.  The ground can be used but is not required for the timer to function.