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I cannot get my WSG0S-D1T to advance to Toggle Mode, is it not supported by this device? I ordered WSG0S-D1T and two WSS0S-P0W for my setup. I verified my purchase with a customer rep and I was ok'ed for this combination. Then I check out the compatibility list in the Technical Manual (page 60, http://communities.leviton.com/docs/DOC-2995) and it showed these two devices as compatible.


Unless I have a defective WSG0S-D1T device, I cannot get it into Toggle Mode. By holding down the LRN button after putting it into Rocker mode, it just leaves the learning mode. If this device does not support Toggle mode, then it should not be listed as compatible in the Technical Manual. Am I doing something wrong?

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    For the WSG0S-D (dimmer) you can only use Rocker mode.... it is a dimmer and the DIM up and DIM down are required to operate. You will need WSS0S-Dxx Self Power Decora Switch.

    NOTE: For the WSG0S-D1T use only the Rocker mode

    Read all Rocker Mode programming steps before taking any action to program receiver in Rocker Mode. The WSG0S-D1T operates in dimmer mode by

    (see figure C).

    Activate Rocker Learn Mode by pressing and holding the LRN button on the receiver for 0.5 seconds. The electrical load connected to the receiver will

    When associating a wireless light switch with the receiver, press one end of a switch rocker (See Figure B). When associating a transmitter other than

    (see appropriate transmitter starter guide). The load will stay ON for 3

    If only one transmitter is desired then skip Step 4 and exit Learn Mode by following Step 5. To associate a second transmitter with this receiver, wait until

    Step 3 and Step 4 until the unique IDs of all desired transmitters are stored in the memory of the receiver.

    To complete programming, press and hold the LRN button for about 1 second, or wait for the receiver to timeout. It will automatically exit learn mode after