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What if I put OM1 connector on OM3 Fiber?


I want to ask you few questions:


  • What happen if I have OM3 Fiber, and I terminated with OM1 or OM2 connectors.
  • What is the difference between OS1 and OS2 fibers.






  • Re: What if I put OM1 connector on OM3 Fiber?

    You will always want to match your connector type to your fiber type, OM1 Connector to OM1 fiber ect. Different fiber types have different core sizes. If you try to mate two different core sizes (or fiber types) you will get light loss and the signal will not propagate properly.



    Differences between OS1 and OS2 single mode fiber

    • OS1 is legacy Single Mode, which has two (2) areas with acceptable insertion loss, that is at 1310nm
      and 1550nm wave lengths.
    • OS2 is “low water peak” fiber which has reduced insertion loss between the 1310nm and 1550nm
      areas and can be used for normal transmission along with be used for course
      wave division multiplexing (CWDM).