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PON or POL (Passive Optical Network/LAN)


We had an inquiry awhile back regarding cost comparison of GPON vs. traditional horizontal deployment.


Regarding cost comparison/usage:


Base on past experience regarding GPON to the desktop and reports from the fireld.

If security is not a concern (i.e. a Gov’t application where multiple secured
networks need to be addressed – this is pushed heavily in some government
sectors) GPON deployment is not too typical.




Depending on the ports required per user, from an overall cost comparison for the cabling infrastructure
utilizing a PON can be lower.  The higher the port requirements the closer the delta as all connections are made over one fiber optic cable.


Hardware costs overall tend to be slightly higher.  Layer switching devices are reduced in the equipment
room but that cost is itemized back in devices at the desk.  There is a note in the attachment estimating about $9 more per desktop for GPON from a pricing
exercise performed.
Overall power consumption actually looks to be higher than a copper based Ethernet solution.




No real redundancy built in – if a fiber goes bad the user is in operable until repair or placement occurs. Devices have a lifespan ( typically shorter than a switch)  Easily replaceable but more usceptible to wear & tear/damage. The device is obviously a bit more bulky and aesthetically concerning at the desktop that standard outlet terminations.