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Issue with Fault Light


I recently purchased a Toyota Rav4 EV and installed the Leviton EVB40 charging station. I have charged the vehicle once and everything went fine. However, the next day the Fault light illuminated and it stayed on until I turned the main breaker off and on.  However, later in the day the fault light came on again. I would like to know if anyone else has experienced this and what causes it.

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          It seems that the unit has experienced power failures on part of the utility. When this happens the unit goes into a Cold Load Pickup and waits anywhere from 2-15 minutes until it resumes normal operation. A disruption in the incoming power is likely the cause for the fault light.  If you're experiencing this on a regular basis, please call Leviton Tech Support at 800.824.3005 (weekdays 8am-7pm, EST)